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Hours of Operation


Monday - Thursday

8am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday

8am - 11pm


8am -9pm

Welcome to our store... 


The Stash Box is licensed recreational marijuana store.  NO MEDICAL CARD NECESSARY!

We welcome all adults over the age of 21 with valid picture ID. We do not require or keep any of your personal information!


We at The Stash Box invite you to come check out our store and all we have to offer.  It is our goal to provide an inviting, comfortable environment, along with a wide selection of cannabis goods and accessories for you to choose from.


Please stop by and say hi today!


The Stash Box, LLC.

 (253) 397-4895

The Stash Box is a Washington State Licensed I-502 Compliant Cannabis Retailer.  All ages 21 and over welcome with valid ID.


Purchase Limits:

  • Dried Flower   - 1oz

  • Concentrates  - 7grams

  • Beverages       - 72oz

  • Edibles             - 16oz


Minors are prohibited


*Product has intoxicating effects and may be habbit forming.

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